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Kids Edible Garden

Every Wednesday we look forward to seeing our gardening Teacher, Keri, when she comes to school.

We have three gardening groups and each group works in the garden for 45 minutes.

Indie likes watering the plants, Ryder enjoys pulling out the weeds. Sky likes planting seeds, Olivia has enjoyed learning about what we plant at different times of the year. Beau enjoyed building the compost bin out of pallets and learning about making and using compost.

Last week we compared the two pumpkin plants we put in at the end of term 4. One pumpkin was planted on a big shovel-full of compost and got off to a flying start but has been overtaken by the pumpkin planted on top of a possum.This pumpkin is incredible.

Kids transplanting self seeded broccoli flowers

Spraying brocci flowers for white butterfly caterpillar

Kids transplanting self seeded broccoli flowers

Pumpkin grow in dead possum carcass

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