Meet Our Friendly Staff :)

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Chris Duckworth

Acting Principal in Term 1, 2021

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Laura Thompson

Principal from Term 2, 2021

Chris grew up in Marlborough. His grandmother was the first telephone operator at Homeward Bay and his father was born in Maori Bay and from 1931 they lived in Picton.Chirs has taught in Hawkes Bay, Ruatoria, King Country, Hamilton, Wellington, (Perth, Australia), Havelock and Blenheim. He has been a teacher through to being a principal of an Intermediate. His last job was Deputy Principal at Redwoodtown School.

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Barbara Keane


Barb grew up in Tauranga. She has taught in the Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Waikato, Wellington, Perth Australia, Linkwater and then Tua Marina for the last decade. She has been a teacher and Deputy Principal.

Sue Altoft

Releiver Teacher

I live in Waikawa and am almost retired, just coming through to Waitaria on Wednesdays to teach. I enjoy sailing in the Sounds and also my involvement with Picton Dawn Chorus as we work towards eradicating predators in our district. 

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Keri Dryle

Teacher Aid


Agnes Takacs

Office Manager

My name is Agnes Takacs. I am Office Manager at Waitaria Bay School. My role allows me to interact with many people daily and see happy faces all around me. My aim is to assist the WBS staff and the community to make the school and its surroundings an even happier and supportive environment for the tamariki to reach personal excellence. My own children came to this wonderful little school and I am proud to say that they have all benefited from being a part of this great community that has provided a strong foundation for their later schooling and life skills.

Robbie Crocker