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Learning Hip-Hop dance from a world champion hip hop dancer here in Waitaria Bay School - This is so

The world is small and sometimes real life creates the most funny situations. Couple of weeks ago Mrs Sutton told someone in the office that we would be learning hip hop dance in class. Agi started laughing loudly. Mrs Sutton asked her what was so funny. Agi told her that they have a visitor staying from Hungary, Laura, who is a hip hop dancer and not only a hip hop dancer, but she was world champion a couple of years ago! So we grabbed the opportunity and asked Laura to teach us. In the last three weeks she taught us different hip-hop movements and talked about the history of the hip hop dance. It is so cool. Thank you Laura!

‘I learnt that there are no steps in hip hop you just make it up, and I learnt how to do the ‘wave’. I really like it.’ - Sky

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