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Skinks and Geckos

Today Ralph Powlesland brought in a gecko and a skink.

Geckos and skinks are lizards but tuatara are not lizards. Geckos and skinks like to eat insects and geckos also like nectar and fruit and they will both eat honey dew. There are lots of predators such as cats, weka, hawks and rats. When geckos and skinks give birth the baby is born alive. They protect themselves by hiding in gaps such as in piles of wood or iron. geckos and skinks are cold blooded so when they are cold they move very slowly. They warm up by laying in the sun but they have to protect themselves when doing this. Alpine skinks can freeze and not die, before they freeze they crawl in small gaps so that they are safe.

Thank you Ralph I learnt lots of stuff about geckos and skinks and would like to help to protect them.

Frankie Price

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