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Best writing 176 entries Writing No1.

We would like to acknowledge a significant celebration for one of our students - the children with Barb’s support entered a writing competition for Mr Mac’s Super Weirdo’s books and Beau Hopkinson was overall winner. Mr Mac, on his facebook page said

“Beau your writing was number one out of 176 entries.”

We are very proud of you!!!!

Introducing Mr Stick!!!

Hi, I'm Mr Stick just your everyday average dad.... Um well sort of, apart from me being an alien from another planet. I used to live on a planet called, “Mr Stick is Awesome”, nah im joking, I'm pretty good at those jokes. Do you want to hear one? Ok then, why did the chicken cross the road.... To get to the otherside, HA HA HA. Gets me every time that one. Oh you didn't laugh neither do my kids. It must be one of those dad things.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah my planet's real name is actually PENAR... Penral is a pretty cool planet apart from our lame leader Tronald Rump. You know he's almost half crazy. He was going to ban this app called TokTik. I don't know what my daughter would do with herself if she couldn’t do those random dances in front of her little bibbity bobbity gadget thingy.

Anyways, you're probably wondering why my name is Mr Stick. It’s because I'm so skinny. I did have one of those ‘dad bods’ with one of those gorgeous little bellies until one day when a big evil villain with mind reading powers came to Penral and tried to take over it. Then dumb Tronald Rump tried to destroy him with a nuclear missile but blew up the whloe planet. Everyone escaped in time to not get hit by the nuclear wave apart from me. When the wave hit me it blew the protective layer/fat straight off me, made my hair go springy and stand on its toes and worst of all whenever I fart I fart out green nuclear gas that burns straight through my underwear. Last year I went through a whopping 46 underwear, that's not even counting the ones that shrunk in the dryer.

Do you want me to tell you my superpower?

Welllll I have the best super power out of every alien in the super universe. It's telekinesis…. Telekinesis is the superpower that allows me to move things with my mind. I can be sitting on the couch and not want to get up to grab the remote so I look at the remote and concentrate really hard and then I touch the side of my head and then POFF the remote starts floating towards me.

Sadly though, I do have a weakness. It's that I have extremely sensitive hearing and being a dad to two one year old girls that are crying and screaming constantly at the end of everyday my ears are ringing so much.

Just so you know I am not evil. I am one of those friendly aliens that loves to help people, especially old grannys trying to cross the road.

I bet that you really want to be my best friend but sorry I already have one and his name is Forest. I met Forest one time when my wife and I were going on holiday and he volunteered to babysit our kids. I was thinking “wish you luck” because our kids are so naughty, I can't even control them. When we got back from our holiday the kids were all fast asleep and he was just sitting on the couch watching TV. I don't know how he did it.

I would say that I am a nice person but there is one person that I just love to annoy. He goes by the name BASH. He is the person that came to my home planet Penral to destroy it. Man I just hate that guy so much.


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